Logan Ranked #1 Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business in the Nation

America has become the veritable poster child of the startup era. It’s hard to look at the surge of self-made billionaires across all industries in the US, with their humble startup beginnings, and not feel a certain amount of awe. Things around here show no sign of slowing down, and given that this is the “land of opportunity,” it’s unfair to crown only major metro areas across the country as the best places to find it.

Though it is true that when it comes to places rich with business growth and opportunity, small cities don’t generally come first to mind. But avoiding the chaos and competition of large cities and planting your roots in a quieter, yet equally industrious, pocket of the country puts your business in a uniquely advantageous position. After some generous research and a bit of computing, Go.Verizon.com has found that the smaller the city, the more room there is to grow.  

The Go.Verizon.com team gathered data from nearly 300 cities across the country, focusing on certain factors that would categorize them as “small” (sorry, no Silicon Valley on this list) without dipping below the mark to “town” status (no one-horse situations, either). These elements also indicated the financial climate of each city and an overview of its demographics.

The complete list of top cities and the full study can be found here.

The Top Ten Cities to start a small business:

  1. Logan, Utah
  2. Sarasota, Florida
  3. Coral Gables, Florida
  4. South Jordan, Utah
  5. Doral, Florida
  6. Cheyenne, Wyoming
  7. Lehi, Utah
  8. Taylorsville, Utah
  9. Missoula, Montana
  10. Corvallis, Oregon

Go.Verizon.Com Top 10 cities to start a small business

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