-Brandy Fowers and Vanessa Putnam-Breakout PM

Brandy FowersTitle: “Achieving Personal and Professional Success in Life”


Bio: Brandy Fowers: Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Box Elder County resident, proudly living on my farm alongside my three amazing kids, three loyal dogs, and two charming tortoises. Recently, I embarked on a new adventure, starting my Highlander herd.

Beyond farm life, I wear many hats. I own two buildings on Main Street in Brigham City , Utahs Farmhouse boutique and my real estate brokerage. Last year, I bought, updated, and have continued to serve the community by owning Saccos in Roy. Now named Farmhouse at Saccos, where we truly serve from our farm to your table. My career started at America First Credit Union at 17 years old, while I was getting my degrees and then I became a school psychologist, a career that spanned over 11 rewarding years. I’ve also ventured into the world of antiques, and had specialized in estate sales. This is how my journey began with real estate.

I started with Better Homes and Gardens, a chapter I cherished. Eventually, I decided to start my own agency, and Farmhouse Realty Group was born. The name reflects the roots of the first American homes and the pursuit of the all-American Dream.

Now here I am. Proud owner to our 300 acre farm, Farmhouse at Saccos, Farmhouse Realty Group, and Utah’s Farmhouse Boutique. As you may be able to tell…..I support everything Utah.  I get asked all the time, how do you start? How do you keep going? How do you do what you do?  Of course this answer varies and can be quite lengthy depending on situation. So here’s my offer to you. Here at Elite Pathfinders, our goal is to enhance our clients profitability and sustainability through coaching managers and owners on how to become leaders.  Leveraging structure, discipline, communication, and love. We serve our community by teaching our clients how to build a cohesive and positive work environment that is fulfilling for all generations in the workforce.

Vanessa PutnamVanessa Putnam:  Good afternoon it’s so nice to spend a few minutes with you today! I want you to know that I appreciate you sharing space with us. Time is our most precious asset and I respect yours.  My name is Vanessa Putnam, I’ve lived in Utah since the second grade and have so much adoration for the place that we are blessed to be able to call our home.  I am a wife, mother of two under ten, and a lover of all animals. My career experience of the last 14 years has and always will be about developing people, leading record breaking teams, and developing new specialty retail brands in Davis and Weber county.  I have also spent time as a leader in the construction industry and worked my way up to a CEO role of a local solar company. I specialize in employee retention, aligning company culture, and driving profits.  Another passion of mine is educating business owners about how to curate a successful work environment for gen Z employees to thrive and be able to do their best work.  I would love to take a deeper dive into how we at Elite Pathfinders  can give you a roadmap to removing your obstacles and elevating unnecessary stress for you and your leadership teams.