-Miriam Gunn Breakout AM

Miriam GunnTitle: Envisioning and Strategizing Your Dream

Description: We all know that there are goals, aspirations, and then there are DREAMS. One of the barriers from realizing your larger visions for yourself is a failure to get hyper clear on what you actually want. Most of us have detailed business goals, but we have murky perceptions and ideas about the
deeper, underlying psychological driving forces for these goals. And there is also often a failure to clearly understand your aspirational why.
These factors combine to make it difficult to strategize your how, who, and when. If you find yourself frustrated with knowing you were meant to do something important on this planet, but feel stymied and stuck, this is a breakout session you won’t want to miss! Together, we will look at some concepts regarding vision and strategy and then do.

Bio: Miriam Gunn, MS, LMFT, PCC is the founder and CEO of Leave Better, Inc. a company dedicated to helping 7-figure owners (and other entrepreneurial high performers) develop both their current ventures and also their secondary heart-focused mission—All toward leaving your world better than it was.

 With almost 40 years invested in the growth of others (through her leadership roles in a global non-profit, as a licensed therapist and running her own businesses), she is no stranger to what it takes to succeed and flourish—(not always the same thing!)  

She partners with her clients to integrate the habits, systems, and mindsets that are required to break through to their next level of success and joy. With her support, they are able to accomplish their larger dreams.

Miriam is passionate about leaving her world better and supports numerous initiatives to conserve land, protect endangered animals, offer humanitarian aid and end the senseless killing of healthy pets in shelters.

To find out more about Miriam Gunn and download her free resources visit: www.leavebetter.com