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We are committed to supporting women through quality professional development, networking, and scholarships.

Our Values

  • Support: We promote quality professional development, personal wellness, professional connections, resources, opportunities, and scholarships.
  • Leadership: We encourage and build other businesswomen as leaders.
  • Integrity: We value trust amongst our peers and the community.
  • Education: We foster passion to help achieve professional potential through growth and learning.
  • Inclusivity: We cultivate awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community.

Girls Rule the World

Kaira Dark, Engel & Völkers Advisor

August 14, 2024 

Event Description

Join us, with your daughter or niece, for an inspiring presentation on how the Girl Scouts of Utah are empowering tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs. “Girls Run the World” will delve into the innovative programs and initiatives designed to equip young girls with the skills, confidence, and opportunities they need to thrive in today’s world and beyond

Attendees will discover how the Girl Scouts of Utah are fostering leadership qualities through hands-on experiences, from outdoor adventures that build resilience to STEM activities that spark curiosity and ingenuity. This presentation will explore key elements of the Girl Scouts’ approach, including mentorship, community involvement, and a supportive network that encourages girls to take risks, embrace challenges, and pursue their dreams. You’ll learn about the impact of cookie sales in teaching entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy, as well as the importance of badges and awards in recognizing and motivating achievement.

Whether you’re a parent, educator, community leader, or simply someone who believes in the potential of young women, this session will provide valuable insights into how we can all support and inspire the next generation of female leaders. Come and be part of the movement that’s proving, every day, that girls truly run the world.

Aug WIB Luncheon

Kylee Ann Maughn

“Going All In”

Sept WIB Luncheon
2024 Scholarship Information

In 2024, Women in Business will be offering:
Up to $2000 tuition waiver to Utah State University or Bridgerland Technical College  
Cash awards may also be available

Who is eligible:
Must be a female, 18 or older and residing in Cache Valley.
Currently enrolled in a BTC certification program or enrolled at Utah State University, or have completed admissions requirements by this application deadline date and be scheduled to begin classes in the fall.
Recipient must maintain a minimum enrollment of 15 hours per week at BTC.
Must maintain satisfactory performance throughout enrollment.
Must certify lawful presence in the US.