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We aspire to create a community where women lead and thrive.


We are committed to supporting women through quality professional development, networking, and scholarships.

Our Values

  • Support: We promote quality professional development, personal wellness, professional connections, resources, opportunities, and scholarships.
  • Leadership: We encourage and build other businesswomen as leaders.
  • Integrity: We value trust amongst our peers and the community.
  • Education: We foster passion to help achieve professional potential through growth and learning.
  • Inclusivity: We cultivate awareness, diversity, equity, and inclusion within our community.
WIB March Luncheon- Holly Daines

Mayor’s Luncheon, A Distinguished Guest, Mayor Holly Daines

According to the Women’s Leadership Institute about 17 percent of Utah cities have a female mayor. Equal representation is important and women should not be comfortable with only playing a supporting role. We are lucky to have a woman mayor for Logan City.
Join a special collaborative luncheon with the Women’s Council of Realtors as we hear Mayor Holly Daines who will share her experience with running and winning two terms, so far, and her experience serving as the mayor of Cache Valley’s largest city. She has said that “More good people — both women and men — are needed in local politics.

Note the change of location. We will be at the Logan River Golf Course Clubhouse this month.

Three Things I Wish I Would Have Known

A similar strain of career eagerness plays on repeat generation after generation. We finally get into the workplace, and many of us begin a frenetic endeavor to work hard, prove ourselves, stand out in the crowd, get a promotion, get that raise.

While these endeavors can be noble and fulfilling, many professionals become lost. Priorities blur, discouragement or setbacks crop up, or our lives feel out of balance.

In this presentation, Hollie will share insights of three key lessons she learned throughout her career. This perspective includes both her personal experiences, as well as lessons from direct working relationships with thousands of leaders across the world.

Perhaps through these insights, we can learn valuable wisdom to avoid some of the most common pitfalls that foster career disillusionment. Instead, we will learn tools to embrace our distinctive strengths and confidently chart a path that is uniquely our own.

WIB April Luncheon Hollie Doyle
2024 Scholarship Information

In 2024, Women in Business will be offering:
Up to $2000 tuition waiver to Utah State University or Bridgerland Technical College  
Cash awards may also be available

Who is eligible:
Must be a female, 18 or older and residing in Cache Valley.
Currently enrolled in a BTC certification program or enrolled at Utah State University, or have completed admissions requirements by this application deadline date and be scheduled to begin classes in the fall.
Recipient must maintain a minimum enrollment of 15 hours per week at BTC.
Must maintain satisfactory performance throughout enrollment.
Must certify lawful presence in the US.